Driverless Cars Will Be Everywhere Within a Year


Driverless cars will be everywhere within a year. This is a fairly bold statement to make, especially when considering the fact that traditionally, it has taken quite a long time for this type of technology to come along. However, anyone that stops to think about the relatively short period of time that has existed between now and the commercial availability of cars that were able to assist the driver with parking and even stopping in order to avoid an accident might realize that the technology is actually moving at a much more rapid pace than most people originally thought.


Emerging Technology

There are already companies that are producing cars that are capable of driving themselves. This essentially relegates people inside to being nothing more than glorified passengers. Some people love this idea and some loathe it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the technology is now available and it will only increase in popularity with time. While cars that are capable of completely driving themselves are still in the testing phase, it only stands to reason to assume that they will become a mainstay in the very near future.


Building On Current Knowledge

Think about how quickly cars became popular that were capable of assisting the driver with parallel parking. Today, that could be a deal-breaker between a person purchasing a car or moving on to the next choice. Furthermore, there are plenty of cars that are now available which brake for themselves in order to avoid an accident if the driver does not respond quickly enough. There are even models available that refuse to allow the driver to pull into another lane if a car is in the blind spot. A car that is completely driverless is simply an extension of this technology.


Improving With Experience

Like anything else, cars that have this type of technology will improve as time goes on. There will undoubtedly be some bugs that have to be worked out, but the only way to truly sort all of that out is to start utilizing these automobiles in extensive testing and then see where it leads. Much of that is already occurring and the results are so promising that there is every reason to believe that the driverless cars will start appearing on the market in the very near future. In order for that to become a reality, there are a few things that need to happen:

1) The tests must be comprehensive.

2) Safety has to be the primary concern.

3) The technology needs to be affordable.



One thing is certain, cars are changing so much that they will eventually change the entire face of transportation, transforming the way that people get from one place to another. Imagine what it might be like to take a taxi without someone driving it or to simply get into one’s own car and then program the destination into the computer, allowing the car to do everything else while the “driver” just rides. What might seem a little bit frightening to some individuals is actually very exciting to others. The reality of the situation is that driverless cars are coming. There will undoubtedly be some people who hold out and refuse to have anything to do with them, but sooner or later, everyone will be using them to get around. For more information about driverless cars, visit or

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