Are Driverless Cars Taking Over

driverless-carsThe world has been transformed unexpectedly with the increase of automobiles. Almost everyone has gotten a car for himself. This use of cars has increased the production rate of cars and other vehicles. Engineers and the other related persons are trying to produce new technology that could help the world. Modern and latest technology is introduced in the world for better exposure and is still growing. Car’s designs have been improved so much now. Their system has been improvised that now we have automatic breaks, automatic gears and what not. Driverless cars have been a center of everyone’s attention for a time. There was a time when these thing where only in science fiction and not in real world. No one had ever thought of that but again this is the age of inventions and discovering so no wonder there would be driverless in this modern world. Mercedes, BMW and Tesla have already released some features in cars that give them ability of driverless cars and others are released to be soon. We can say that driverless cars are taking over and they soon will take over everything. People are more inclined towards the things or cars which are safe or which could keep them safe from accidents. They are automatic so there would be less danger. Or if there would be any danger car will control everything with the little help of man.

These automatic or driverless cars are divided into two categories. One is semi-autonomous and the other fully autonomous cars. Fully autonomous cars can drive on road and tackle every scenario without any help of the driver. These cars are rather advanced and will be launched in 2019. The biggest benefit of these cars is that they will help in keeping the roads clean and safer. They will prevent people from road accidents. Death rates in UK are a bit high because of road accidents but according to an estimate driverless cars will decrease the rate of death. There will be 2,500 fewer deaths between 2014 and 2030. There are many other benefits of these cars as well. Computers cannot be distracted so there would be fewer chances of accidents. Computers will work more accurately. Computers are likely to use more difficult algorithms than human beings, and they can do it in no time. So they can estimate the difference between the other cars and could stop by maintaining less effort. The other thing is these cars can save the time of a person. He can use that time for reading, or doing any other official work which cannot be delayed and they do not have to worry about the road safety.

These cars will consume less gasoline so there would be less pollution. Disabled people who cannot drive can use this car. It will help them a lot. They do not have to wait for any vehicle in public areas. They can enjoy their freedom without depending themselves on others. People who tend to drink more and drive it would be really helpful for them. Major road accidents are caused by them. These cars will keep them safe and others safe too.

These cars will take over once they are launched in the market. Although their price will be high but they will be helpful in long term plan.

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